Los Angeles US, Western Vinyl
Di, 06-11-18 
Bumann & Sohn, Köln
Einlass 19:00, Beginn 20:00

'do my synthesizers know when I'm asleep? Does the floor creep beneath my feet?'

There is a calm, disciplined pocket to be felt in everything California musician Art Feynman does; krautrock slink, staccato bounce, and pentatonic bursts of Nigerian Highlife fuzz pour on the temporal canvas with unquestionable ease, never falling in the wrong place. Even more admirable is that his "canvas" is a four-track tape recorder, and that his debut album 'Blast Off Through the Wicker' features no loops or drum machines despite its aesthetically faithful motorik and afrobeat underpinnings. Feynman conjures the spacey tenderness of Arthur Russell inventively and respectfully, without adopting their muse's palette wholesale. | eventim